Feb 27, 2017
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Why Buying Mezzanine Floors Is A Great Idea To Make An Office Look Nicer

Elegance and functionality in one additional workspace.

When done right, mezzanine floors will give your office a uniquely sophisticated feel. It brings your workplace to a certain level of sophistication and gives you much-needed additional space without the need for costly expansion projects. With Perth’s rising demand for office spaces, constructing a mezzanine floor will surely help you organize your work area in a classy way.

This type of floor is a raised platform supported by steel columns that acts as a separate structure from the building floor itself. The term ‘mezzanine’ originated from the Italian word “mezzano” which means middle. It is elevated to any height as needed, but it is recommended to leave sufficient clearance for both the main floor and the middle area for people to be able to stand comfortably.

Why Buying Mezzanine Floors Is A Great Idea To Make An Office Look Nicer

A Mezzanine Floor Makes Your Office Clutter-Free

An office is bounded by its walls. Clutter and insufficient space is a common sight for expanding offices due to the limitations the office space has. Due to this, the aesthetics of the office gets sacrificed for functionality.

Obviously, such floors will give you increased working space. More space means versatility in making your office look neat. With these spaces,there’s the opportunity to install office filing systems or storage walls to keep everything in order. More of these filing systems in your workspace gives your employees a chance to be more organized and effective at work. In addition, not only will this help your employees to be more productive, but it will also leave your hub with a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

With a strong, lightweight steel frame, your extra office platform can also serve as a pseudo-warehouse for easy access to your products and supplies. Arrange them neatly and properly and you become Perth’s envy for having an instant showroom with your newly-installed mezzanine floorsplatform.

Installing Messanine Floors

Installing these floors in your office need not be expensive. As a matter of fact, it gives you a cost-effective option to get more smart and functional space for your office expansion plans. With the availability of ready-made mezzanine expansions, it is now more convenient and affordable to install these platforms instead of implementing renovation projects. It allows for seamless integration to the office floor and causes minimal disruptions to the workplace.

Since open floor plans became the trend in Perth the last couple of decades, mezzanine floors have become an indispensable part of such designs. Several options are available for you in constructing your office middle floor. Wooden circular staircases, metal railings, glass barriers, chandeliers, steel mezzanine platforms, among others are the most common building options for an eye-catching middle floor. With the right materials and design, your brand new intermediate floor will definitely uplift your office interiors.

An Entirely New Aesthetic Dimension

Mezzanine floors is a constant trend for offices with high ceilings, giving more definition and variety to it by utilizing the extra vertical space. A brilliantly designed mezzanine floor introduces an exquisitely stunning visual impact due to the variety and contrast it brings to the office floor.

A staircase leading to the intermediate floor and a curved mezzanine extension helps to break the rigid, monotonous, straight-lined office floor appearance. A touch of wooden accents, glass barriers and metal railings creates much needed warmth to your office interior.

With an appropriate aesthetic and ergonomic design, your new office platform will also make for a cozy lounge or conference area that doubles as a convenient viewing deck. It can also help to demarcate spaces within your office floor without the need for additional walls. The area under the intermediate floor, aided by necessary lighting and furniture, can also serve as a comfortable workstation area, secondary social space, office pantry or an office library.

All it takes is creativity and a good sense of design to be able to effectively design a mezzanine floor as a part of your office. Sky is the limit for you in designing your new office platform.

Classy Mezzanine Expansion: How Do I Do It?

Your office can be one of Perth’s most astounding with the right mezzanine floor set-up.

The following tips will help you in creating that classic loft look.
• Design well with office safety in mind – Plan well in designing your office mezzanine floor. Review the available floor area, the structure of your office building and the height of your ceiling. Also make sure that safety comes first to ensure that your employees will not be hurt with your new addition. Handrails, staircases and barriers should be of good quality.
• Lay out the right flooring – Your flooring should not only be pleasing to the eyes. It should be compatible with your intermediate floor structure, as a heavy flooring might create too much strain on the middle floor’s support. Common options are welded gratings, particle board and durbar plate. Tiles and marbles are also appealing options.
• Do not go too high with your mezzanine floor – Do not let the seemingly sufficient vertical clearance lull you into complacency of going too high up. Ideally, a mezzanine should only go as high as 3 meters above the floor to ensure structural integrity. Anything higher than that is strongly unadvisable.

You can never go wrong with mezzanine floors for your office space. More than the aesthetic and ergonomic advantages it offers, it is also an affordable way of increasing floor area for your office expansion.

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