Mar 1, 2017
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Pointers for Organising a Big Event

Let’s say you’ve been appointed by the company to plan the big annual event. When we think about events like this, terms like memorable, entertaining, fun and celebration come to our minds. There are so many big decisions to make to ensure that you will have a successful night. Now that the responsibility is placed on your shoulders, you probably find it difficult to even determine where to begin! Well, worry no more because we have put together a guide you can use to plan an event that your guests will enjoy and never forget.

Pointers For Organising A Big Event

Pre-Event Essentials

Keep in mind that for anevent to run successfully, everything should be prepared in advance—from the venue down to the rubbish removal. You can’t prepare the essentials only a week or two before the event as unexpected things may come up. It is highly important that you have enough time to resolve issues that may arise. The following are the things you have to prepare prior to the event.

Set Timelines for Completing Every Event Requirement

The first thing you have to do is come up with a plan on how you will complete all the requirements for the event. Have a concept of what you want to achieve and what you want your guests to experience. Plan the theme, logistics, design and then work your way through to execution. Remember to put a deadline for every aspect to make sure that you will not leave anything behind.

Set your Budget – Don’t Forget the Little Details

You have to determine exactly how much you have to spend for every aspect of the event. It goes without saying that you should not avoid every little detail – even the bin hire you’ll get for the waste. Otherwise, you may encounter last minute unexpected expenses. Have a budget set for all the essentials and put some allowance, just in case you do encounter unprecedented issues.

Choose the Venue that Perfectly Suits your Event Theme and Size

When you are organising an event, place the venue as the topmost priority. Remember to choose a venue that meets your need in facilities, capacity, access and cost. If you are planning to have a themed event, then select a venue that is applicable to your theme.

Plan the Centrepieces too

There is no need to emphasise the importance of décor in events because we know you already know that. However, don’t forget to put special attention to the centrepieces. They are an integral part of the décor as they set the mood for any seated event. Guests typically notice the centrepieces first from which they get an initial impression of the event. Consider whether the centrepieces match the event theme or can guests see each other either over or under them.Also, think about your budget when choosing materials for your centrepieces. Keep in mind that fresh flowers are expensive, so if your budget does not permit, look for more affordable alternatives.

Choose the Appropriate Entertainment

Remember that the entertainment you choose determines the outcome of your event. Don’t forget to choose one that is suitable for your event and crowd. Again, consider your budget and the duration of the event when choosing the entertainment – from cover bands, DJs, comedians to professional speakers. Keep in mind that your event must be memorable and fun, so hire entertainers that will not bore the crowd.

Consider Hiring a Professional Event Organiser

Several factors come into play when organising a successful event. As previously mentioned, you have to choose the venue, stylist, entertainment and caterer, among many others. When you hire a professional event organiser, you will have someone who can put together your ideas to achieve the outcome you envision. It is also worth noting that event organisers have connections with industry professionals. You can get better rates from quality and experienced suppliers.

Post-Event Essentials

By now you know how important planning and budgeting are when organising an event. However, you should also give careful consideration on how you will dispose the rubbish and waste that the guests will leave behind at the end of the event. As a matter of fact, all the guests typically care about is that they come on time, enjoy as much as you can offer and then leave at their chosen time. Needless to say, the task of waste disposal would be left entirely to you. Luckily for you, we also came up with a list of recommendations that you can use for clearing waste from your event location.

Plan your Rubbish Removal in Advance

It might sound ironic, but you have to plan the waste clearance long before the event has even started. This means that you have to make arrangements in advance. Doing so will help you minimise littering and dispersal of waste and rubbish.

Get Special Bins for the Waste

Find a reliable bin hire provider in your area for the rubbish. Make sure that the bins are strategically located in the event venue. You can reduce littering and collectively have the rubbish in specific spots. It is worth mentioning that there are suppliers that offer waste bins in colours that match your event.

Post Visible Notices about Waste Disposal within the Venue

Guests typically litter and leave rubbish all over the venue. Sometimes, it isn’t because they are arrogant they simply don’t care. More often than not, they just don’t know where to find the waste bins. So, it is advisable that you print out polite yet visible notices, informing guests where the rubbish bins are and encouraging them to not litter. Do this and you might be surprised how effective it can be.

Contact a Waste Removal Company

Finally, it is important that through the process of planning your rubbish disposal, you contact a waste removal company. Find someone who’s reliable and has been in the business for years. They will ensure that the bins are strategically placed and that the notices are located in visible areas. Their team will also come in time to collect the bins and clear the rubbish lying around.

As you can see, organising a big event is definitely not a cakewalk. There are a lot of pre- and post-event factors consider and a lot of big decisions to make. However, you always have the option to hire professionals to help you plan everything you need down to the smallest detail.

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