Oct 13, 2016
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How To Prevent Cavities When You Have A Sweet Tooth

The temptation of sugary treats are everywhere and being consumed with more frequency than in the past. Through education and awareness by parents, teachers, dentists and dental hygienists we all know candy and sugary drinks contribute to cavities. While many people enjoy the taste of sugar they feel guilty and worry that it is a contributing factor in tooth decay. By following the tips from below children’s dentists in Langley, you can have your sugar and prevent cavities.

How To Prevent Cavities When You Have A Sweet Tooth

Brush Often

Frequent brushing ( twice a day ) is a good habit for everyone and more often is better if you consume sugar on a regular basis. So how can you brush your teeth when you’re on the go all day. Carry a disposable toothbrush at all times that way you can just pop into the restroom and quickly remove food or sugar on the teeth. Some disposable toothbrushes are now available with built in toothpaste, talk about convenient! At home change you brush with more frequency if you love your sugary snacks and drinks. You are more prone to plaque buildup than the average person and plaque thrive in a carbohydrate environment. A better choice for a toothbrush might be one with triple action bristles and diamond shaped head for better cleaning in hard to reach places. Nothing beats a power toothbrush for comfort and does a very thorough cleaning.

Some Additional Tips

If you’re reluctant to carry a disposable toothbrush around with you or it’s not possible to use one as you go about your day here’s some ideas. A mouthwash can help remove some of the sticky residue from your teeth. Ine that contains fluoride is the best but even swishing plain water around in your mouth can remove some particles from teeth. Chewing sugar free gum is another option which will also increase saliva production to help prevent food from sticking to teeth. When you’re away from home choose to eat less sugary snacks if you can’t clean your teeth. Fruit may not satisfy your sweet tooth but you could pick a treat that is less likely to stick to the surface of your teeth. A piece of pound cake is a better option than a chocolate brownie or taffy, save those for when you can brush.

The key is to get the stuff off your teeth as quickly as possible to help prevent cavities. If you’re someone who enjoys your treats following these extra steps will help keep your teeth healthy.

Thanks to SmileTown Dentistry Langley for these tips.

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