Oct 13, 2016
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Tips To Prevent Drinking and Driving

It’s a known fact that drinking and driving is a crime with grave punishments. It’s also a known fact that it’s dangerous to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Yet many people every day are fatally injured in the streets due to a motor vehicle accidents that involve driving under the influence of alcohol. Because of this statistics, Canada continues to impose stricter DUI laws and punishments and go for drunken driving prevention ways in order to discourage individuals from driving after taking alcohol or drugs.

Tips To Prevent Drinking and Driving

Choose a Reliable Designated Driver

People who intend to drink must have a designated driver that doesn’t drink. It’s crucial that this person knows the expectations and is expected to hold on this bargain. The designated driver must know where everybody lives, has a valid driver’s licence and has emergency contact info on hand.

Use Mobile Apps

In today’s world, a lot of companies are using mobile apps that offer taxi services and it’s increasingly popular due to its convenience. Whether if you are using a mobile app or a taxi, always remember to ride in groups for it’s much safer and lets you save on the fare by splitting the cost.

Cut Off the Alcohol Early On

Before the party ends, it’s vital for the host to end the alcohol supply. This will make sure that guests will not get drunk and then drive. It’s a good way to provide guests some time without alcohol so they will not try to drink and drive.

Use Public Transportation

Make sure to have the number of the local taxi company with you at all times. It doesn’t matter how much the fare is, the results from drinking and driving are much greater.

Public transportation can be helpful for people who drink. Instead of having a designated driver, people can just take the train, bus, or taxi. All of these means of transportation are easy and cheap ways to go home.

Book a Hotel or Sleep Over

If you’re planning to attend a party or special event, book a hotel where you can go to after the event so you can avoid drinking and driving. This way, you can enjoy the party or event without having to worry about how to get home.

If you are the host, make sure to offer a lot of food and non-alcoholic options. You may also offer to help your guests find means of transportation for them to get home safely. If you see vehicles that are swerving, driving erratic or weaving, keep distance.

Call a Cab Company

Cab companies like Ridey Taxi offer their services for many people who need to get somewhere who don’t have a car. They are safe drivers and can normally arrive within a few minutes of your call later in the evenings.

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