Jan 16, 2017
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Best Parks For A Picnic In Dublin

There are times when you just need a break from the hard and tough routine of your work and life and just have a peaceful moment with your friends and family. A lot of times, people wait for holidays in order to have some fun and relaxation time. Well, now you do not have to wait for the holiday season. You can have a peaceful and relaxing time even when you go for a picnic. A picnic with your friends or your family can offer you a great time if you plan the picnic in the right type of location.

If you want to have some calming and relaxing time for a picnic in Dublin, then here are some locations to look forward to.

St. Stephens Green

St Stephen's Green

Be it winters or the summer season, you will always find lush greenery in the wonderful park of St Stephen’s Green. The best thing about this park apart from the greenery is that this park is open all year round. It is one of the most visited parks by tourists because there is always something for everyone that can be found at the park. There is a playground that is separate for the grown up kids as well as one for the smaller kids. You can breathe in the fresh and calming air that surrounds you. A place that is worth visiting.

Sean Walsh Memorial Park

Tallaght - Sean Walsh Memorial Park

The view of the Dublin mountains in the background, waterfalls and ponds and extensive ornamental gardens and much more are the things that you can experience when you decide to visit the Sean Walsh Memorial Park. This park is present in the heart of the city of Dublin. There is no way that any tourist that ever ends up in Dublin does not visit the Sean Walsh Memorial Park. A full day of fun, games, rides, swings, picnic food and more can be enjoyed here.

Garden of Remembrance

Garden of Remembrance

This is the garden where there is a lot of attachment to the Ireland history. The garden was built in the memory of all those people who sacrificed their lives in the struggle to get the freedom of Ireland. There are some days like on famous holidays when the garden is closed to the public. Over all, it is the main place of attraction for the locals and the tourists alike. If you want calmness with a little touch of history, this is the garden to visit.

Airfield Farm and Gardens

Airfield Farm & House - Dundrum

The decoration and the ornamental gardens and plants, the open wide farm Etc. serve as the main source of attraction in these gardens. You want to have a picnic in a peaceful situation and have a view as well, then go ahead and visit these gardens. You will surely enjoy and have fun.

Blackrock Park

Take A Walk From Blackrock To Booterstown

This park is an all in all a looker for the people of Dublin as well as for the occasional tourists. There is a walking, jogging, cycling path for people who would like to roam about and get out an exercise while they are at the park as well. The presence of a lovely, calming lake offers you the perfect view when you decide to have a picnic in the park.

You can just rent a car in Dublin and go ahead to visit one of these parks to get the real experience of a peaceful picnic with your friends and family.

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