Jan 18, 2017
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Go Incognito With Invisible Teeth Straightening Glasgow

If you are looking to fix the gap in your teeth or worried that age has changed your teeth, then Invisalign Aligners might be the right treatment for you.

Any worries that you have about your teeth can be easily fixed with the help of Teeth Straightening Glasgow using Invisalign.

What Are Invisalign Aligners?

Invisalign has become a leading provider of invisible braces Glasgow and changing many people’s lives for the better. The treatment uses thin plastic to make the brace, allowing your teeth to be sculpted and moved into the correct position. These invisible, aligners are perhaps the utmost used method for adult braces as they are discreet with fast results.

The soft, thin plastic used to make the braces is designed to be worn for up to 22 hours a day, only to be taken out to; eat, drink and brush teeth as well as maintaining oral health. This will achieve maximum results in a faster time frame.

Invisalign aligners are used to gradually move and reposition the teeth, creating straight teeth Glasgow. This treatment can be done by numerous orthodontists in Glasgow, offering clients clear Invisalign aligners that are perfect for straightening teeth, Glasgow.

Go Incognito With Invisible Teeth Straightening Glasgow

How Do Invisalign Aligners Work

Professional orthodontists use state of the art technology to create 3-D digital images of x-rays taken to create the aligners that the client will use. The 3-D digital imaging will also allow the orthodontist Glasgow to estimate the length of time the braces Glasgow should be worn. It will also produce images of what the results are expected to look like.

This treatment includes regular check-ups with your orthodontist Glasgow to ensure that your teeth are moving in the correct way to gain your perfect smile. As well as this, you will receive a new set of aligners every two weeks, that will advance you to the next stage of your treatment. Since they are invisible, most people will not notice that you’re wearing them!

When can I Expect Results from Invisalign Aligners?

Results from Invisalign aligners can be effective and fast, seeing results within months. However, results can only be reached by listening to your orthodontist in Glasgow and wearing your brace for 22 hours per day.

Every set of aligners that you wear, will shape and gently place your teeth into place. It is important not to move your teeth too fast or you could cause damage to the root of the tooth. Therefore, it is important to move your teeth consistently at a slow and gentle pace. By going this, your teeth with being healthy and straight!

Go Incognito With Invisible Teeth Straightening Glasgow

Are Invisalign Aligners Right for Me?

Invisalign aligners are perfect for someone with crooked or gapped teeth that doesn’t fancy having a mouth full of metal wires. Teeth straightening Glasgow is available to anyone at any age, you just need to be willing to wear your aligner for the recommended 22 hours per day. With more than 4 million patients worldwide that have been treated with Invisalign. There are also more adults than ever are pursuing orthodontic treatments in Glasgow, with over half of the patients in orthodontist practices in the UK being adults.

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